SunGen is a high performance  dish concentrating solar energy collector for use in industrial process heating applications, cooling, community cooking etc. Its breakthrough design in the form of reducing the wind load by go with the wind design approach and innovative patent pending ground hugging concept has improved the performance and significantly reduced the cost. SunGen makes Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy the affordable, dispatchable choice for today’s clean energy markets.

SunGen operates at high efficiency scales and runs at low operational costs. The product comprises of a field of  dish concentrators that harness temperatures up to 300°C. Each SunGen 36 dish collector is 6 m in length and 6 m in width with an aperture area of 36 sq.m. The collectors are modular and allow solar fields of different sizes to fit a wide variety of applications.

Each dish channels the sun radiation onto a volumetric cavity receiver that is placed at its focal area. The water/heat transfer fluid gets heated when being sent to the receiver. The steam/heated fluid will then be transferred to the application by transferring the solar heat through a heat exchanger. The extra heat energy can be stored in the form of pressurized water or steam in an insulated storage tank for non-sunny hours.

Dish 36 is our flagship product. The complete specifications are explained in the Performance & Savings


Thermodynamic basics show that the only way to reach maximal thermal efficiency is to raise the working temperature. The only way to raise the temperature is to concentrate! SunGen has the highest concentration ratio- up to 400 in contrast to just 82 in trough systems. The SunGen can reach 300°C easily and have more than 70% thermal output efficiency in total, combined with the real dual axis tracking system, these key points lead to a typical overall annual efficiency