Teamwork is the basis of daily live at SSPL. The company’s environment encourages openness and creativity. The individual contribution of every colleague with his or her special expertise leads to excellent results. Thereby, the best care and attention is directed towards the requirements of our customers. By means of close cooperation of engineers and economists we can offer sustainable solutions to competitive costs. This is accomplished thanks to many years of experience in the field of Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy. Furthermore, the market for Solar Thermal Process Heat is found in all the sectors. Strength of our team is to be open-minded towards diverse requirements.

Madan is the Managing Director and Inventor of SunGen Solar Dish and one of the founders of SunGen Solar Pvt Ltd. An enthusiast and innovator with a vision to create solar energy a true alternative to conventional energy. Heading the company and Operations Team, he is responsible for commissioning the solar dish and also guide R & D team for enhancements of existing products and developing new products.