SunGen, an award-winning innovative low-cost steam generating, concentrating solar thermal dish technology that fortifies the dream for a clean, safe and green environment…You dreamt it n we did it…

The Sun…finally at your service. Are you ready to welcome the epitome of energy?



SunGen is a high performance fully automated dual-axes tracking parabolic dish concentrating solar thermal energy collector for use in community cooking and industrial process heat applications. Its breakthrough design in the form of reducing the wind load by go with the wind design approach and innovative patent pending ground hugging concept has improved the performance and significantly reduced the cost.


SunGen, high efficient solar thermal dish, can achieve temperatures of up to 300°C, and can operate in various media including steam, thermic oil, hot air as well as pressurised hot water. SunGen dishes can be installed in various applications including community cooking, comfort cooling, milk pasteurization, effluent evaporation, textiles, tea-processing, food-processing, pharmaceuticals etc.


SunGen, is a pioneer in developing solar technology for industrial process heating applications, cooling, community cooking etc. SunGen dish is a result of ground-breaking research and thorough testing. The Department of Scientific and Industrial research (DSIR), Govt. of India and CMERI Durgapur have supported this development effort.